Clios Series 2018

1Bernardo Povoas6438
2Tiago Ramos6344
3Filipe Silveira6328
4Antonio Joao Loureiro6281
5Francisco Pires6273
6Andre Almeida6244
7Jose Paulo Coelho6239
8Joao Pedro Sousa6215
9Daniel Gil6210
10Ricardo Baixinho6209
11Joao Silveira6192
12Diogo Franco6187
13Luis Miguel Fonseca6186
14Tiago Coelho6167
15Miguel Meleiro6162
16Alexandre Araujo266
17Joao Loureiro427
18Tiago Brito Ferreira227
19Pedro Pink10
20Fernando Alves2-10

Clios Series 2018 All Races

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