Cooper Tires 2018

1Jorge Simoes Duarte6424
2Pedro Ventura6344
3Filipe Taborda6300
4Jose Manuel Silva6288
5Paulo Pereira6279
6Rui Castro Silva6245
7Telmo Da Silva6234
8Alvaro Zaera6232
9Jose Noe Sanchez4200
10Joao Marques Silva6174
11Ruben Lourenço4171
12Rui Dias4171
13Ricardo Jorge Fernandes6134
14Tiago Ramos4119
15Jorge Andrade Moreira2118
16Pedro Salgado2100
17Daniel Burruezo693
18Ricardo Joao Teixeira276
19Pedro Castilho272
20Alexandre Bianchi439
21Jose Raposo239
22Emilio Sousa233
23Diego Porras231
24Diogo Castro Martins225
25Axel Vedri20
26Diogo Manuel Alves10

Cooper Tires 2018 All Races

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