Prototype Championship 2018

1Ricardo Santos4211
2Nuno Fernandes4193
3Tiago Castro4187
4Rui Silva Vieira4170
5Rui Pedro Oliveira4169
6Mario Jorge Cruz4138
7Sergio Castel Branco4132
8Jose Paulo Coelho4115
9Francisco Pires494
10Antonio T Ferreira492
11Jorge Andrade Moreira489
12Miguel Meleiro489
13Joao Guimaraes488
14Joao Silveira471
15Joaquim Rodrigues465
16Alan Lundgren256
17Pedro Bessa448
18Pedro Sousa Gomes228
19Diogo Manuel Alves4-9
20Alexandre Bianchi4-57

Prototype Championship 2018 All Races

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