Mascot presentation!

Hello, I’m Kitunhas Petroled!

I was born of the will and commitment to continue to provide the best services and Sim Racing experiences, as the official representative of the renewed brand GT Competizione, the GTC Race Center.

There is a huge passion for motor sports in the world. According to the automaker slang, many of these enthusiasts are assumed “Petrolheads”!

But to be quick and consistent in the virtual and the real, in Portugal we often say that you need to have nails for the wheel…
This is why also in slang it is said that, however good it is the vehicle, to be a champion you need something special: a Kit of nails!(Kit de unhas)

Our customers, private or corporate, intensely live this passion and desire to win.
Those that stand out, hitting times and records are called again in slang,  ‘Aliens’!

I am the image of all these virtual aliens that feed the brain to 102 octane and every week “sharpen the nails” in our top simulators.

Experiments can be virtual, but the adrenaline and the return of satisfaction are very real!
If you have never tried it, come see us … we are probably closer than you think.

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