Partner with GTC and mark the difference along with your employees, suppliers and customers. By joining the GTC corporate card you will benefit from a range of services focused on improving the links of your business, not forgetting ... discounts!

Sponsor our competitions and see the image of your company in our tracks and cars. Be a Sponsor of our drivers to represent you in our championships with live broadcast.

Join employees in a Team Building activity , gather your customers or suppliers in a different activity for a closer relashioship. Organize an external event to promote your business. Engage your customers or even your collaborators with our gift cards. The options are endless!


Company / Team Bulding Events

Perfect to encourage and motivate your employees. These activities are intended to promote friendly competition and teamwork.

Benefit from discounts with the card companies and organize gatherings with customers or suppliers in a different and fun way.

View the options here

Gift Cards

Get our Gift Cards in quantity with special conditions. Offer your customers to build loyalty, give them to your employees to motivate them or your suppliers to show innovation.

Sponsor Competition / driver

Virtual sports. e-sports are increasingly gaining more impact on our society. Already today they are considered together with social media a very effective tool of publicity.

Sponsor one of our competitions and give prominence to your company seeing your image in the tracks and cars.

Marketing Operations

Benefit from discounts on our rental services and streamline your presentation in promotional events. Our simulators are the ideal tool to capture and draw the attention of a wider audience.

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