What is the GTC racing license?

GTC racing license identifies its holder as fit to participate in the Sim racing championships of the GTC group. Who does not have this license can not enter in the championships organized by the GTC. A positive test about rules and behavior on the track will be needed for the license to be activated.

What is the purpose of the GTC racing license?

The bigest attenuating of Sim Racing is that there are few risks and few consequences for the participant when in the violation of rules, making it easy to comet excesses, which would otherwise would not be made. However this type of excesses can damage other participants . If you practice this type of exacesses GTC may have no choice but to suspend the license.

The license has a cost?

The license is offered, it has no cost, when in the registration of a new member and is automatically revalidated when paid the annual member quota.

If a license has been suspended, for its reactivation it will be needed a payment of a fine and an assessment to the holder for his reintegration in the championships.



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