Mini Challenge 2017 Round 03 – Malasya North Loop – Race 2

Malasya North Loop
22nd March 2017 | 10:30 pm
Malasya North Loop

trophy: Mini Challenge 2017
Round 03 - Malasya North Loop - Race 2


Date Time Competition Season
22nd March 2017 10:30 pm Mini Challenge 2017 2017
Competition Table Results
See Mini Challenge 2017 Results Table


Malasya North Loop
Sepang F1 Circuit, 43900 Sepang, Selangor, Malásia

Event Results

DriverBest LapEvent PositionFinal PositionProvisional Event PointsOfficial PointsOutcome
Ivo Fernandes175Finished Normally
Diogo Rodrigues272Finished Normally
Joao Pedro Sousa370Finished Normally
Paulo R Oliveira468Finished Normally
Carlos Salgueiro566Finished Normally
Pedro Alves664Finished Normally
Fernando Alves762Finished Normally
Alexandre Bianchi860Finished Normally
Rui Daniel Seabra958Finished Normally
Bruno Lucena1056Finished Normally
Tomas Araujo1154Finished Normally
Joao Marques Silva1252Finished Normally
Vitor Hugo Alves1350Finished Normally
Ruben Andre Cerqueira1448Finished Normally
Luis Miguel Fonseca1546Finished Normally
Jose Paulo Sousa1635Finished Normally
Joao Vences1733Finished Normally
Gonçalo Inácio1831Finished Normally
Antonio Joao Loureiro1929Finished Normally
Tiago Filipe Magalhaes2027Finished Normally
Alexis Sousa2125Finished Normally
Tiago Ramos2223Finished Normally
Pedro Daniel Barbosa2321Finished Normally
Pedro Miguel Borges2419Finished Normally
Pedro Ventura2517Finished Normally
Tiago Jose Ferreira2616Finished Normally
Ricardo Pita2715Finished Normally
Rui Castro Silva2814Finished Normally
Felix Sa Couto2913Finished Normally
Alexandre Lopes Goncalves300Finished Normally
Ricardo Gloria310Finished Normally
Paulo Pereira320Finished Normally
Bernardo Povoas330Finished Normally
João P Freitas340Finished Normally
Tiago Coelho350Finished Normally
Benjamin Wohlers360Finished Normally
Ruben Lourenço370Finished Normally

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