Summer Cup 17 - Ferrari Challenge Round 04 – Mid Ohio – Race 1

Mid Ohio Chicane
14th August 2017 | 10:00 pm
Mid Ohio Chicane

championship: Summer Cup 17 - Ferrari Challenge
Round 04 - Mid Ohio - Race 1


Date Time Competition Season
14th August 2017 10:00 pm Summer Cup 17 - Ferrari Challenge 2017


Mid Ohio Chicane
7721 Steam Corners Rd, Lexington, OH 44904, EUA

Event Results

DriverFinal PositionOfficial PointsOutcome
Alan Lundgren175Finished Normally
Daniel Miron Martin272Finished Normally
Gabriel Martin Alvarado370Finished Normally
Eduardo Martin Alvarado468Finished Normally
Pedro Figueiras566Finished Normally
Jose Manuel Silva664Finished Normally
Antonio T Ferreira762Finished Normally
Joaquim Rodrigues860Finished Normally
Ricardo G Monteiro958Finished Normally
Gabriel Lopes1056Finished Normally
Ruben Avila Fernandez1154Finished Normally
Vitor Silva Neves1252Finished Normally
Mario J Silva1350Finished Normally
Ignacio Galindo Alvarad1448Finished Normally
Mario Barbosa1546Finished Normally
Tiago Miguel Almeida1644Finished Normally
Bernardo Povoas170Finished Normally
Tiago Alexandre Lopes180Finished Normally
Andre Lopes Silva190Finished Normally

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