GT Sprint 2018 Round 1 – Buriram – Race 2

12th November 2018 | 9:45 pm

championship: GT Sprint 2018
Round 1 - Buriram - Race 2


Date Time Competition Season
12th November 2018 9:45 pm GT Sprint 2018 2018
Competition Table Results
See GT Sprint 2018 Results Table


444 Moo 15 Buriram Buri Ram 31000, Tailândia

Event Results

DriverFinal PositionOfficial PointsOutcome
Luis Miguel Fonseca168Finished Normally
Vitor Bruno Silva255Finished Normally
Bernardo Povoas355Finished Normally
Afonso Carvalho451Finished Normally
Joao Nuno Carvalho549Finished Normally
Francisco Ferrador645Finished Normally
Ruben Andre Cerqueira743Finished Normally
Joao Pedro Sousa839Finished Normally
Tiago Coelho922Finished Normally
Antonio Joao Loureiro1019Finished Normally
Nuno Oliveira1116Finished Normally
Miguel Meleiro1213Finished Normally
Joao de Carvalho136Finished Normally
Andre Almeida140Finished Normally
Tiago Quinta15-5Finished Normally
Joao Torres16-56Finished Normally

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