VTCC 2018 Round 1 – Curitiba – Race 2

17th September 2018 | 9:30 pm

championship: VTCC 2018
Round 1 - Curitiba - Race 2


Date Time Competition Season
17th September 2018 9:30 pm VTCC 2018 2018
Competition Table Results
See VTCC 2018 Results Table


Av. Iraí, 12 - Weissópolis, Pinhais - PR, Brasil

Event Results

DriverFinal PositionOfficial PointsOutcome
Ruben Lourenço175Finished Normally
Ricardo Santos268Finished Normally
Francisco Grilo363Finished Normally
Jose Miguel Fisgas459Finished Normally
Ruben Andre Cerqueira555Finished Normally
Alan Lundgren651Finished Normally
Joao M Fonseca749Finished Normally
Joao J Carvalho845Finished Normally
Bernardo Povoas942Finished Normally
Miguel Gomes1039Finished Normally
Artur Carvalho1136Finished Normally
Andre Almeida1233Finished Normally
Flavio Domingues1331Finished Normally
Joao Crespo1429Finished Normally
Miguel Meleiro1527Finished Normally
Guilherme Nunes1625Finished Normally
Querubim Moreira1725Finished Normally
Guilherme Videira1823Finished Normally
Nuno Oliveira1921Finished Normally
Tiago Coelho2021Finished Normally
Luis Miguel Fonseca2119Finished Normally
Nuno Clemente2219Finished Normally
Pedro Sousa Gomes2317Finished Normally
Mario Jorge Cruz2417Finished Normally
Joao Guimaraes2517Finished Normally
Miguel Damas Mora2615Finished Normally
Gabriel Lopes2715Finished Normally
Filipe Silveira2813Finished Normally
Diogo Manuel Alves2913Finished Normally
Joao Silveira3011Finished Normally
Pedro Pink3111Finished Normally
Tiago Alexandre Lopes329Finished Normally
Diogo Miguel Santos339Finished Normally
Joaquim Rodrigues348Finished Normally
Antonio Barbosa357Finished Normally
Pedro Baiona367Finished Normally
Antonio Joao Loureiro374Finished Normally
Joao Pedro Sousa383Finished Normally
Sergio Castel Branco39-18Finished Normally
Marco Filipe Vicente40-30Finished Normally
Miguel Ramos C41-39Finished Normally

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