Formula 3 2018 Round 3 – Watkins Glen Short – Race 2

Watkins Glen Short
19th December 2018 | 9:45 pm
Watkins Glen Short

trophy: Formula 3 2018
Round 3 - Watkins Glen Short - Race 2


Date Time Competition Season
19th December 2018 9:45 pm Formula 3 2018 2018
Competition Table Results
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Watkins Glen Short
3024-3026 Wedgewood Rd, Watkins Glen, NY 14891, EUA

Event Results

DriverFinal PositionOfficial PointsOutcome
Ruben Andre Cerqueira175Finished Normally
Ricardo Jorge Fernandes268Finished Normally
Bernardo Povoas363Finished Normally
Diogo Franco459Finished Normally
Joao J Carvalho555Finished Normally
Paulo R Oliveira651Finished Normally
Joao Marques Silva749Finished Normally
Alexandre Bianchi845Finished Normally
Paulo Pereira942Finished Normally
Pedro Ventura1039Finished Normally
Joao Crespo1136Finished Normally
Jose Raposo1233Finished Normally
Jose Pedro Paiva1331Finished Normally
Luciano Carvalho1429Finished Normally
Jorge Andrade Moreira1527Finished Normally
Helder Duarte1625Finished Normally
Adolfo Alvim Barroso1721Finished Normally
Vitor Bruno Silva1819Finished Normally
Filipe Taborda1917Finished Normally
Ruben Lourenço200Finished Normally
Pedro Salgado210Finished Normally
Telmo Da Silva220Finished Normally

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