Race Center?

The “Race Center” concept appears from the same idea of a real Race Track, providing the experience of driving sports cars at high speed within a challenging and dedicated circuit. What differs is that instead of driving a real car, you will feel it from a professional simulation cockpit, designed to recreate the reality in a virtual environment. The modality practiced in the Race Centers is called Sim Racing.

With the advantages of being much more afordable and having no limits on choosing the tracks and cars, it provides a safe and fun way for you to drive on the most popular tracks and more powerful cars.

The purpose is to become the motor sports affordable to a wider audience, that is more and more demanding and always looking for the best experiences.


Who We are?

GTC is an international brand that provides the best experience of what is being a professional race driver. We recreate all the conditions so everyone can feel the sensations of driving a real race car, either in a relaxed mode in a sporting spirit, or for the most demanding drivers, in a real competition spirit.

Within our concept, we organize private events, from birthday parties to corporate events. We have internal competitions among our (more than) 100 cockpits, divided through our group of Race Centers.

With a network of 15 Race Centers and counting, GTC is one of the biggest worldwide organization of Sim Racing.

We offer a competitive environment, combined with all the fun and excitement that the motor sports can provide.

Apart from the sporadic race, when you just sit and race, we organize internal competitions. So, weekly we have two Championships rounds and two Trophies rounds, where all the race drivers from all our Race Centers compete between each other’s.

We reinforce the competitive spirit with live broadcasts of all Championships’ Races in our YouTube GT TV channel, created in 2013.

Visit us and discover this new way of racing and competition!


Pioneered of the concept in Portugal, the GTC group opened in Porto their first Race Center in 2012, GT Competizione – Autódromo Virtual da Boavista. Resulting from a partnership between two entities, GAME TECH and G’s Collection, and with the support of the online group R4-Sims, opened the first Race Center with 6 simulator cockpits and was a featured in the RTP daily news.

In just a few months, there was the need to increase the number of cockpits, becoming one of the biggest Race Center in Europe, with 20 cockpits at the same place.

The beginning of the GTC group begins with the opening of the second Race Center in Paredes, becoming the brand a reference in the world of Sim Racing in Portugal, and started attracting international communities.

In 2016, with already a group of 13 Race Centers in Portugal, it began a new stage the internationalization to Spain.




Due to the brand growth, we felt that was time to make a change and adjust the GT Competizione image to the new challenges and be ready for an  increasing and demanding market.

We developed a new image, more sophisticated and dynamic, launching the brand to the future.

The new image development has its starting point on the older one, but searching a look that shows an evolution on our activity and brand strategy, while it keeps a reference to the last years of presence in the market.

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