Virtual Touring Car Legends 2018 Ronda 1 – Zandvoort – Corrida 2

25th Janeiro 2018 | 10:30

championship: Virtual Touring Car Legends 2018
Ronda 1 - Zandvoort - Corrida 2


Data Hora Competição Época
25th Janeiro 2018 10:30 Virtual Touring Car Legends 2018 2018


Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108, 2041 KA Zandvoort, Holanda

Event Results

JogadorPosição FinalPontuação OficialResultado
Bernardo Povoas175Finished Normally
Pedro Salgado272Finished Normally
Cesar Machado370Finished Normally
Jose Miguel Fisgas468Finished Normally
Francisco Grilo566Finished Normally
Joao M Fonseca664Finished Normally
Miguel Gomes762Finished Normally
Luis Carlos Rodrigues858Finished Normally
Andre Moreira Dias956Finished Normally
Mario Jorge Cruz1052Finished Normally
Luis Miguel Fonseca1149Finished Normally
Antonio Joao Loureiro1248Finished Normally
Jose Paulo Coelho1346Finished Normally
Tiago Alexandre Lopes1445Finished Normally
Artur Carvalho1544Finished Normally
Guilherme Videira1641Finished Normally
Rafael Silva1740Finished Normally
Paulo de Oliveira1838Finished Normally
Jorge Andrade Moreira1938Finished Normally
Alan Lundgren2036Finished Normally
Joao Silveira2135Finished Normally
Joao Pedro Sousa2234Finished Normally
Miguel Ramos C2333Finished Normally
Rui Castro Silva2431Finished Normally
Tiago Ramos2530Finished Normally
Diogo Sá2630Finished Normally
Joao Guimaraes2727Finished Normally
Pedro Rodrigues2827Finished Normally
Joao Torres2925Finished Normally
Joaquim Rodrigues3023Finished Normally
Miguel Damas Mora3112Finished Normally
Vitor Hugo Alves323Finished Normally
Ricardo Baptista330Finished Normally
Filipe Silveira340Finished Normally
Gabriel Lopes350Finished Normally
Ricardo Santos360Finished Normally
Miguel Meleiro37-11Finished Normally
Filipe Rafael Oliveira38-59Finished Normally
Joao Costa Ferreira39-100Finished Normally

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