Formula Virtual Series 2018 Ronda 2 – Sepang

29th Janeiro 2018 | 10:00

championship: Formula Virtual Series 2018
Ronda 2 - Sepang


Data Hora Competição Época
29th Janeiro 2018 10:00 Formula Virtual Series 2018 2018


Sepang F1 Circuit, 43900 Sepang, Selangor, Malásia

Event Results

JogadorPosição FinalPontuação OficialResultado
Alan Lundgren175Finished Normally
Pedro Bessa272Finished Normally
Miguel Fonseca370Finished Normally
Pedro Sousa Gomes468Finished Normally
Rui Dias566Finished Normally
Fernando Gil Lemos664Finished Normally
Daniel Silva762Finished Normally
Tiago Castro860Finished Normally
Andre Almeida956Finished Normally
Joao Crespo1054Finished Normally
Alvaro Garcia Paredes1152Finished Normally
Rui Silva Vieira1250Finished Normally
Ivo Miguel Tavares1348Finished Normally
Rui Nicolau Pinto1446Finished Normally
Querubim Moreira1544Finished Normally
Jose Manuel Silva1640Finished Normally
Antonio T Ferreira1738Finished Normally
Joao J Carvalho1822Finished Normally
Rui Pedro Oliveira1918Finished Normally
Marcos Marcelo Gonzalez200Disqualified
Ricardo Baixinho21-4Finished Normally

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